Do wishes come true?

Do wishes come true ? If they do, I'ould like to make one now!


Master and Student Chronicles | Conversation 2 | Love vs Hate

We often preach LOVE, yet practice HATE in a plethora of things we do everyday. The master tells the student the story of Two Wolves.

Peace of mind?

If you don't have peace of mind, you'll have pieces of mind.

Scary Nights ?

There's something about night. You may fight the day, but at the fall of the dusk, demons from the past come back to haunt you.

Tired of Learning Life Lessons?

Drifting apart. Are we?

She and her mother had drifted apart, not emotionally, but in the way they viewed the world. Image Source : Shutterstock

The wish spell

The emotional tyranny she would impose, The harder it became for him to dispose.   Chance and chance and one more chance yet again, Little changed, his efforts to her were still mundane.   Fed up, frustrated, he decides to move away from 'wished to be wife' Not before he casted his wish spell 'Let [...]

Unedited one

Finally !! I found the stage to portray myself I am one of my own kind; never seen, never heard Oh yes ! I am going to surprise the spectators with things they haven't seen in years and that's gonna quench their thirst, My time is here, Oh these butterflies making me high but my [...]

Are you where you belong?

Are you where you belong?

I can’t

A beautiful sunset they say it is, but I can't seem to see; It's the same ball of fire, what's there to glee? A pleasing morning they say it is, but I can't seem to feel; I'm still rusty, my dreams dusty, where do I find the zeal? A delicious delicacy they say it is, [...]

The Righteous Path

When you have to choose between the Right and the Good!

Hope – There must be a sunrise

So many wounds, so much suppressed emotion; Love is all I craved for, futile was but any other potion! I'd given up, hollow is what life seemed; No worthy goals, senseless was all I ever dreamed. "This time too shall pass" - this consolation was a decade old now; Patience was an old friend, but [...]

Love and Lament

via Love and Lament

Love and Lament

Neither a good lover; nor a good beloved! Stood by apocalypse; but to love, he bowed Had all the options, but the boat of misery he rowed Munching the harvest, he had long ago sowed!