Do you have a goal?

To be successful, you need to have a goal in the first place. Do you have one?


Hostile to yourself ?

A dream without a goal and a road map, only serves as a fuel for inward hostility!

Are you rowing multiple boats?

Rowing multiple boats just lands you in the middle of the ocean whith no clear land in sight! Know your right boat, sail across the waters!

In pursuit of real self! Are you ?

Rejected and dejected, he was once lost; And that's how began his journey of finding his real self!

Will you rather be right or good?

And he fought the demons within him bravely; choosing the right thing over the good thing, every single time! Now he awaits the reward! But wonders - Is there any? Image Source : DesiBucket  


They crib and they cry but they never give it a fair try ! Image Source : AgileLeanLife

Drifting apart. Are we?

She and her mother had drifted apart, not emotionally, but in the way they viewed the world. Image Source : Shutterstock

Book Comments | THE ALCHEMIST by Paulo Coelho

WHO SHOULD READ THIS BOOK The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is a fable about following your dream. If you have had your dreams which are dusted or if you are still pursuing them but feel that you have reached an impasse, the book is a must read for you. For any avid reader, this book [...]

Move Away – Chase your dream

Move away from the men who tell you not to dream; For they are the agents of┬ástatus quo. All they've done is crib and cry, but never gave it a fair try!   Move away from the men who tell you to quit; For they are all but underachivers. All they've done is compromise, telling [...]

Unedited one

Finally !! I found the stage to portray myself I am one of my own kind; never seen, never heard Oh yes ! I am going to surprise the spectators with things they haven't seen in years and that's gonna quench their thirst, My time is here, Oh these butterflies making me high but my [...]

Untold sufferings

So it's dawn again;Aah ! Alas another day to rejuvenuate myself With things I have been craving for. Yes, it's dawn; things will surely be getting brighter as the sun reaches its zenith Just like any other day, this is also the one I have been longing for Today is my day, I am gay [...]

Meeting someone special

In his late teens and his looks so tense, He seemed fed up with everybody's pretence.   Looked like a boy with dreams on his mind, But his mind itself to him, didn't seem so kind.   Intelligence he had a little, but he seeked wisdom, Mediocrity was a sin, a recipe to boredom, The [...]

Are you where you belong?

Are you where you belong?