Peace of mind?

If you don't have peace of mind, you'll have pieces of mind.


Are you rowing multiple boats?

Rowing multiple boats just lands you in the middle of the ocean whith no clear land in sight! Know your right boat, sail across the waters!

In pursuit of real self! Are you ?

Rejected and dejected, he was once lost; And that's how began his journey of finding his real self!

Sleepless Nights

Amongst all, it was the anger he found most difficult to resist. After all, anger is so tempting! And when he could do so, a tiny part of his mind would belittle him and sleepless nights would follow!

Scary Nights ?

There's something about night. You may fight the day, but at the fall of the dusk, demons from the past come back to haunt you.

What does not grow you, grows on you!

Be careful what you dwell by, for, what does not grow you, grows on you !

Will you rather be right or good?

And he fought the demons within him bravely; choosing the right thing over the good thing, every single time! Now he awaits the reward! But wonders - Is there any? Image Source : DesiBucket  

Are you judging your neta right ?

Did your dad ever lose a lot of money in stocks that it put your family into financial troubles at large? Did your mom ever not let you to go for that sleepover and you cried yourself to bed while your friends enjoyed the night? Or some other similar incident when someone close to you [...]

Portrait | Fury

When the times got dark, fury was her only option!  

Tired of Learning Life Lessons?

Newton, Einstein, Quantum Physics and the way to Life

One of the things that fascinated me most as a kid was the 'dual nature of light'. To put the things into perspective of the readers, let me refresh some high school memories. Newton believed light to be made of small corpuscular particles which explained certain phenomenon like Refraction. On the other hand, some scientists [...]

Taken for granted?

He had been too good a person for too long! He had been taken for granted for too long! That long that he had started regretting the good that was in him. His demons were finally out, and there was destruction, a massive one. And he wept for what he had done, for the good [...]


And then he realized, logic doesn't always make sense.   Image Source : Pinterest


They crib and they cry but they never give it a fair try ! Image Source : AgileLeanLife

Drifting apart. Are we?

She and her mother had drifted apart, not emotionally, but in the way they viewed the world. Image Source : Shutterstock