(Don’t) Be like him!

Once he was a naive at life; And wondered why everyone couldn't be like him! Time changed him and life sucked out the better of him; Now he thanks the heavens that everyone ain't like him !


Tired of Learning Life Lessons?


Taken for granted?

He had been too good a person for too long! He had been taken for granted for too long! That long that he had started regretting the good that was in him. His demons were finally out, and there was destruction, a massive one. And he wept for what he had done, for the good [...]

Motivation vs Determination

Motivation is ephemeral, Determination is eternal! Motivation without determination is but a farce. Motivation gets you started; Determination sails you across. Everyone is motivated, but not everyone is successful, Successful are only but those, determined who remain!   Image Source : Flickr


Sometimes, I just stir myself, in the hope to be awakened off a nightmare, only to be despaired!   Then I go to sleep in an attempt to have the fortunes of my mind changed!   Nothing changes!   And it becomes difficult to decide where to stay!   Image Source: MaxPixel

The wish spell

The emotional tyranny she would impose, The harder it became for him to dispose.   Chance and chance and one more chance yet again, Little changed, his efforts to her were still mundane.   Fed up, frustrated, he decides to move away from 'wished to be wife' Not before he casted his wish spell 'Let [...]

A girl

Everyone needs a girl; A ray of light on a gloomy day.   She be a sister; she be a love, She does cheer you up somehow!   She's a chaos; she may act a fool, But when you have it, she's the one to keep you cool.   Everyone needs a girl

Move Away – Chase your dream

Move away from the men who tell you not to dream; For they are the agents of status quo. All they've done is crib and cry, but never gave it a fair try!   Move away from the men who tell you to quit; For they are all but underachivers. All they've done is compromise, telling [...]

Unedited one

Finally !! I found the stage to portray myself I am one of my own kind; never seen, never heard Oh yes ! I am going to surprise the spectators with things they haven't seen in years and that's gonna quench their thirst, My time is here, Oh these butterflies making me high but my [...]

Untold sufferings

So it's dawn again;Aah ! Alas another day to rejuvenuate myself With things I have been craving for. Yes, it's dawn; things will surely be getting brighter as the sun reaches its zenith Just like any other day, this is also the one I have been longing for Today is my day, I am gay [...]

Meeting someone special

In his late teens and his looks so tense, He seemed fed up with everybody's pretence.   Looked like a boy with dreams on his mind, But his mind itself to him, didn't seem so kind.   Intelligence he had a little, but he seeked wisdom, Mediocrity was a sin, a recipe to boredom, The [...]

Are you where you belong?

Are you where you belong?

I can’t

A beautiful sunset they say it is, but I can't seem to see; It's the same ball of fire, what's there to glee? A pleasing morning they say it is, but I can't seem to feel; I'm still rusty, my dreams dusty, where do I find the zeal? A delicious delicacy they say it is, [...]

The Righteous Path

When you have to choose between the Right and the Good!

Hope – There must be a sunrise

So many wounds, so much suppressed emotion; Love is all I craved for, futile was but any other potion! I'd given up, hollow is what life seemed; No worthy goals, senseless was all I ever dreamed. "This time too shall pass" - this consolation was a decade old now; Patience was an old friend, but [...]