Master and Student Chronicles | Conversation 4 | The Misery

Vedant: Mr Swamy, what is the source of all the misery?

Mr. Swamy: Most enlightened people will tell you that desire is the root cause of all the misery. Many people claim expectation to be the fundamental cause.

Vedant: Do you agree with them?

Mr. Swamy: I don’t really care to agree or disagree. I’ve my own parameters to measure the cause and extent of misery.

Vedant: Parameters??

Mr. Swamy: Yes, two parameters – Intelligence and Wisdom. The lesser the deficit between the two, the lesser the misery. The greater the deficit, the greater the misery.

Vedant: I don’t think I understand.

Mr. Swamy: We all have access to information. What we conclude from that information is our intelligence. To what extent we accept the conclusion is our wisdom.
If we are able to conclude a lot, distinguish between the minutest nuances but we are not able to accept the conclusion, it unsettles us – makes us sad, angry, envious, jealous and all the other recipes for misery.
Anyway, so what brought you to misery?

Vedant: I’ve a friend, Kabir, who recently got to know that he suffers from a psychological condition called as anhedonia which is the inability to feel pleasure in normally pleasurable activities. 

Mr. Swamy: Next time, bring Kabir along!


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