Master and Student Chronicles | Conversation 2 | Love vs Hate

We often preach LOVE, yet practice HATE in a plethora of things we do everyday.

The master tells the student the story of Two Wolves.


Master: You look muddled! What thought have you let grapple your mind today?
Student: What is more powerful – love or hatred?
Master: Why do you ask?
Student: Both emotions are extremely divergent but both seem equally capable. Both are full of potential and extremely powerful.
Master: Have you heard of the story of fight between two wolves that thrive within us?
Student: No.
Master: We all have two wolves within us and they are in constant conflict. One is evil, always angry, revengeful, and in self-pity state. Other is good, always benevolent and compassionate. The two are constantly fighting.
Student: So which one wins?
Master: No one wins. The fight is eternal. But the one which dominates longer makes all the difference to your life.
Student: So which dominates?
Master: The one you feed more.
Student: So love and hate co-exist within us and the one we feed more will be more powerful.
Master: If the truth be told, indeed so.
Student: Hmm.. Master, would it be disrespectful if I call you by name?
Master: Respect is exhibited in words and actions, but is perceived at heart. Names are mere aliases. I will call you by name too, Vedant.
Vedant: Thank you Mr. Swamy. So how to only feed the wolf we want?
Mr Swamy: More on it, some other time!

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