Master and Student Chronicles | Conversation 1 | The Confusion

Student: I’m confused.

Master: Enlighten me with your confusion.

Student: Things I was once sure about, don’t seem to be so now. Every time I feel I’ve perfected myself in any aspect, something makes me feel fallible. The ideas I once pioneered get debunked by future experiences. The people I thought I would die for, are not even in my life anymore. The dreams which once gave me sleepless nights, have become dusted in my memory lane. I seem to wander after new things every now and then and my mind keeps constantly digressing. I don’t know what I am looking for and all this confuses me.

Master: That’s the nature of time. Haven’t you heard people saying ‘Time changes everything‘. Time changes and with it, everything changes.

Student: Why does the time have to change?

Master: If you think about it, time is just a state of mind. If your mind is ecstatic, you won’t feel the passage of time. On the other hand, if your mind is in misery, the time seems to have halted. Thus, time and mind are relative. It is essentially your mind which is changing because it is constantly wavering.

Student: So, how do I control these wavering thoughts.

Master: What is most important to know is – who is in control? Do you control your mind or is your mind controlling you? Mind is a good slave but a bad master. So, if you are letting your mind control you, you ought to be confused. But if you are managing your mind, you can ask it for anything – happiness, peace, joy. Remember ‘Happiness is a state of mind‘? 

Student: So, every emotion must be a state of mind? 

Master: Indeed so. If your mind does not waver, any emotion would just cease to exist. But your mind wavers, so emotions are born. Now, if your mind controls you, this wavering is random – sometimes pleasant and sometimes miserable. But if you manage to control your mind – you can guide it and let it know what you want. And that is the most important thing. You have to let your mind know what you want.

Student: I see.


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