Are you judging your neta right ?

Did your dad ever lose a lot of money in stocks that it put your family into financial troubles at large? Did your mom ever not let you to go for that sleepover and you cried yourself to bed while your friends enjoyed the night? Or some other similar incident when someone close to you did something which impacted you financially or emotionally or may be in some other way?

These incidents make us sad, sometimes angry, but deep down we come to a realization later in the life that these people, irrespective of their actions, never have bad intentions for us. We come to a realization that the father actually tried to provide a better life and took some risks . We realize that the mother was just being protective of us.

We realize that no matter what their actions (or the consequences of these actions), their intentions have never been wrong. And this ensures that our love for them doesn’t fade (unless of course if you have been blinded by material pursuits to the extent that you don’t see your parents as an asset and rather a liability.).

Being judgmental is integral to being a human being. One cannot avoid it. If you think you don’t judge, Congrats, you have attained nirvana. But in all likelihood, if you would have attained nirvana, you wouldn’t be reading this blog in the first place. So, yes, you judge too.


Coming to the point

All my childhood, I have been a fan of democracy. It always kept me in an awe  – how given the diverse thoughts that people have, with so many different cultures, religions, cults, colors, caste, etc., anarchy doesn’t prevail. It would always put me in a disbelief how the mankind has evolved to agree to the concept of democracy. I like the things when they are organized (no, I don’t have an OCD) and democracy was my hero to the fear of mobocracy.

I see around a sea of humanity every day which have immense hatredness (or even love for that matter) for the political leaders. And this baffles me. Having anger towards some politicians who are corrupt is understandable, but having hatred for the leaders who do personally well but may have failed to deliver (subjective to your analysis) is something that confounds me to great depths.

Indeed, we must look into the results when we have to decide our leader. But does that mean we should have a hatredness for the one who failed to deliver despite having the best of intentions. 

There are many examples in the history of democratic India where leaders have failed in the implementation of a certain scheme or a certain law but do that deserve any hatred for that? Sure, you may choose to not vote for him the next time, but does he still not deserve to be treated like a normal being.

Indian culture has traditionally been tolerant and it continues to do so. However, in the last decade or so, with the rise of digital media, cyber bullying is on a rise. Digital bigotry is at the fore and this has certainly impacted masses. Especially, apocryphal stories fudging the truth and doing rounds on the internet and getting circulated amongst the masses has defeated the very backbone of democracy. Name shaming (Feku and Pappu) a political leader from the other political party is the order of the day and political parties are spending huge sum of money on Digital PR’s and other such agencies to deteriorate the personal image of a political leader. 

All this and some other factors have contributed to diminish the value that democracy holds for me. Technocracy powered by Artificial Intelligence is the future and I look forward to it. But that is the future and for now Democracy is to stay. 

And while the democracy stays, I want to ask – “Are you judging your neta right ?”

Image Source : Jaagruti


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