Master and Student Chronicles | Conversation 8 | Ego and Peace

Vedant: What determines the quality of our life?

Mr. Swamy: There are many factors, of course but all of them boil down to one simple factor.

Vedant: And what would that be?

Mr. Swamy: The state of your mind. You may be poor but if your mind is at peace, nothing like it. You may be amongst the finest riches, but if your mind is not at peace, nothing should be like it.

Vedant: So, the quality of our life is essentially determined by the state of our mind or how peaceful we are at the mind.

Mr. Swamy: Yes, essentially. Remember this adage “if you do not have peace of mind, you’ll have pieces of mind.”

Vedant: So, if we know this, what prevents us from being at peace? What is it that lets us torment ourself?

Mr. Swamy: Well, there may be some factors, depending on people and circumstances. However, the biggest factor central to most of the people’s lack of peace of mind is their ego.

Vedant: Hmmm.. I think I can relate.

Mr. Swamy: Wherever you find people feeding your ego, you’ll be at peace. When there is a conflict, we tend to be restless because when the people don’t agree with us, it makes us rattled. We let our ego take over our senses, our peace of mind, and eventually it makes us grapple with every aspect of our life we care for.

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3 thoughts on “Master and Student Chronicles | Conversation 8 | Ego and Peace

  1. Hey Bipin @BipinsBlogs, I find you writing multiple multiple blogs on different genres. I especially like the ones on the conversation between master and his student. Would it be possible to have them all at one place?

    Regarding this post, I liked it, but the one on the hypocrisy was the best. I could so relate to it.

    Keep up the good work. You never know how someone needs these and then these posts help you at the right moment. Wish you all the best ๐Ÿ™‚


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