Hashtags – All about it

Reposting since it is making some news again!

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It’s been about a decade of #Hashtagging. It’s arguably the most used feature in the social media today. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc., all use it. You probably may have come across tons of people who breathe Hashtag with all of their social media content filled with weirdest and wackiest hashtags.

What is hashtag?

It is a tag (#) which allows users to create groups or links which makes it possible for others to easily find messages with a specific theme or content. A sample post below uses multiple Hashtags.

So how did it start?

It all started way back in 2007 with a tweet by former Google developer Chris Messina. He tweeted this.

He convinced some of his close friends to use the # sign. The word spread, albeit…

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