Bitcoins – All you need to know

Reposting since it is making some news again!

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Bitcoins have been making news for quite some time now. But the exponential surge that it has seen along with other crypto currencies in a relatively short span of time has surely grabbed (or even popped) many eyeballs.

Everyone has heard the word at least. If you have not, well, it’s a little embarrassing, given the relevance it has attained recently, but worry not, I will be providing you with all the basic essentials you need to know about Bitcoins.

Understanding the ambience

Let’s first understand a few things in the ambience of Bitcoin. It ain’t essential to know them but it is always good to know.

Type of currencies

Today, majorly three types of currencies rule the world. These include:

  • Fiat Currency: It is the physical money that you see. The currency is regulated by the government bodies and hence the government has the monopoly over…

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