Bitcoin Mining and Blockchain – All you need to know

Reposting since it is making some news again!

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It indeed is always good to know the basics before learning the big lesson.

It is highly advisable that you read about Hash and some terms associated with cryptocurrency before you dive into the ocean of Bitcoin Mining and Blockchain.

What is a Block and Blockchain?


The Bitcoin network witnesses a great deal of transaction activity. Maintaining a record of these transactions helps users track what was paid to and by whom. The transactions executed during a given period of time are recorded into a file called a block.

Blocks are like record books which have the record of some or all of the most recent Bitcoin transactions that have not yet made it to any prior blocks. Blocks essentially are files where data pertaining to the Bitcoin network is permanently recorded. A block, thus, is immutable, meaning, once written, cannot be altered or removed.

Blockchain is…

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