Master and Student Chronicles | Conversation 6 | Fear of Failure

Vedant: Many a times I feel I am not doing things to my potential. I am capable of a lot more but I just don’t put enough effort. This makes me feel mediocre which makes me feel sad.

Mr Swamy: So what do you think stops you from doing things to your potential?

Vedant: Sometimes laziness, sometimes lack of enthusiasm, but majorly it’s the fear of failure which stops me.

Mr Swamy: Have you ever thought what is the biggest obstacle in the pursuit of a big goal?

Vedant: Lack of motivation and determination?

Mr Swamy: No, these factors are there but these don’t qualify to be the biggest obstacle.

Vedant : Then, what is it?

Mr SwamyThe biggest obstacle in pursuit of a big goal is the availability of a lesser goal. It is convenient but it is mediocre. It gives you some sense of security but takes away your freedom. It is something that you have settled for and made a compromise with your dreams. It is something you fear losing because you are not sure of your greater goal. It is this fear which stops you.

Vedant: That’s true but then sometimes I doubt myself – I feel I am incompetent and incapable of achieving that higher goal which leads to the fear of failure.

Mr Swamy: Never doubt your capability. If anything, doubt your interest!


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