Two spoons

Today again, Rajeev goes to the office cafeteria by himself. He orders some biryani and sips on a cup of black tea while the biryani gets prepared.

The cafeteria has a self-service and Rajeev eagerly awaits the ‘biryani’ shout from the food vendor while he randomly browses through his phone.

After an impatient wait of ten minutes, finally, the food vendor shouts “biryani” and Rajeev proceeds to collect his meal. He observes the vendor giving him a sympathetic smile but ignores it. He collects his meal, heads to the Spoon station, collects two spoons and furtively finds a corner to gulp his meal.

And then it dawns upon him, as it has repeatedly been during last three months, that he had got two spoons despite being alone.

His eyes moisten a little.

He tries to smile, only to let a drop of tear slip down his cheek.

He coerces himself to two spoonfuls of the meal down his throat but then couldn’t endure the trauma.

It was another normal day for him, just like any other day in the last three months.

She didn’t like him to be on an empty stomach.

He had lost her to fate!



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