Unedited one

Finally !! I found the stage to portray myself
I am one of my own kind; never seen, never heard
Oh yes ! I am going to surprise the spectators with things they haven’t seen in years and that’s gonna quench their thirst,
My time is here, Oh these butterflies making me high but my self doubt is making me contemplate .
I choose to go and show the world what I have got,
Aah ! they liked me; this took me beyond cloud nine
I am fueled with desires to present myself more and more
Oh ! wait, self doubt set in again whispering ‘don’t rush, what if they don’t like me this time’
A voice came : Edit yourself more to fetch their love; as their love will fuel your mind with peace
So here I am again with my edited version; Yes they are surely gonna love me
It’s time for them to come; let me rehearse once again
Here they are; I performed again
And now I am lost in thoughts about their remarks
What! They didn’t like it!
But I am much better version of myself now
How can they not like me?
I was shook and told: Darling ! you were loved for what you were ; unedited, maladroit, that makes you one of your own kind.
Now you are artificial alike others, Not different from them,
Ah ! So that’s the secret
Now I am gleeful as I found my key,
Unedited one is what preserves me.


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