Untold sufferings

So it’s dawn again;Aah ! Alas another day to rejuvenuate myself
With things I have been craving for.
Yes, it’s dawn; things will surely be getting brighter as the sun reaches its zenith
Just like any other day, this is also the one I have been longing for
Today is my day, I am gay like I’ve never been before, I am myself again :The one with dreams
In eyes, one with unreverted spirit, one that wanna live the life once and for all
Yes my desires for the day havent let me down till now
I am a maniac again: hahaha, Oh wat a day !
Nooo ,dats not all for the day : A voice slayed
Dusk started falling and this time i decided not to suffer from this unstoppable pain
But untold suffering is my destiny they say
Just like a puppet i was moved again, subjected to hatredness, worthlessness and cruelness.
Once again I couldn’t call it a day that i have been longing for years
Once again my happiness remains incomplete
But with every dawn, my heart starts beating and repeating again
Aah ! its your day !


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